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Best time to eat fruits

Hey there beautiful people, During these hard times, it is extremely important for all of us to keep healthy and boost our immunity power.Eating healthy is an important part of it. Eating foods that are organic and produced seasonally are to be included in our diet. Consuming food made from crops grown seasonally in ourContinue reading “Best time to eat fruits”

If Corona could speak

I have no idea how I was born, may be you created me but you are destroying me because I’m tearing you down I don’t want to do this to you But now I realizeĀ  I did something good to someone, whom you call the mother nature as she is my only friend that allowsContinue reading “If Corona could speak”


Thappad(meaning:slap) is a Hindi language film released in Feb,2020. It is a drama which revolves around two happily married individuals Amrita and Vikram. Amrita, the character played by the protagonist Taapsee Pannu, is a simple girl who has been a trained dancer but decides to give up on her dreams to make a good homemakerContinue reading “Thappad”

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